Portable S

Proudct Code: 710


Model: Portable S – Fully Stainless Steel Stucture – Product Code-710

Standard Features

  • Fully Stainless Steel Stucture.
  • Two Tube Rotometer having three side visibility & with Luminous back plate which highlights rotating bobbin even in darkened Operation Theater.
  • Gas specific High Pressure Tubes with Mox Regulators & colour coded Pressure Gauges.
  • Goldman Halothane Vaporiser.
  • Oxygen Outlet with Pressure relief valve to minimize risk of back flow of gases & emergency oxygen flush.

Safety Features

  • Nitrous Oxide cut off regulator.

Standard Accessories

  • Mox Oxygen Regulator & Nitrous Oxide Regulator with High pressure tube.
  • Bains Circuit & Jackson Rees Circuit & its Face Mask Set.
  • Bins for drugs
  • A & B Type Spanner.